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Come on a Day Visit

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Sue Holme, aided by Qualified Field Guides and volunteers, runs the education programme for our day visitors.The tour is suitable for all ages but, as the ground is rather uneven in parts, it may be difficult for wheelchair users, for which we apologise.

Sturdy footwear is recommended; a hat and sun cream are a ‘must’ in good weather.

Tours must be booked in advance by emailing silke@belanet.co.za with the subject line ‘Day Tour’ or by telephoning +27 (0) 14 736 4090. We notify the security guard at the Leopard’s Rock Gate that you are coming, to ensure you will be allowed in! This is one of the reasons why pre-booking is essential.

Our lovely new on-site Curio Shop and Kiosk now sells monkey product donations for visitors to buy and donate while they are here, should they wish to do so – all the things that we need for the baby Vervet monkeys (S26, Cerelac, Nappies, Ensure, Babywipes and so on) so if you enjoy your tour and feel supportive of the work done at Bambelela, you may wish to help us by buying a product donation. We would be most grateful!


The tour lasts for about 1 and a half hours and is very informative, with humour, encouragement to ask questions and lots of views of Vervet Monkeys at various stages of rehabilitation, from tiny babies in Kindergarten to troops getting ready for release.

Children do need to be looked after by parents and asked not to shout or scream or run up close to the enclosures, as this can be very unsettling for the monkeys.

Cost: 100 Rand per adult and 50 Rand per child under 12, with under 4s going free.

A tour is included in the cost of a chalet stay.


School trips are very welcome!

We would like to offer schools the opportunity to bring their students on one of our 1 and a half hour guided tours, to increase their awareness and education about the co-existence of human and non-human primates in a shared habitat.

Our qualified Field Guide will teach your students about the Vervet Monkeys and our rehabilitation programme, and also about the flora and some of the other wildlife of the malaria-free Waterberg Mountain Region.

The cost is 50 Rand per student and 50 Rand per teacher, or 70 Rand per head if you wish us to include a sticker, a snack and a cool drink.


From November to July it may be possible for private individuals and very small groups to book a 15 minute visit into the Kindergarten enclosure with the baby and young Vervet Monkeys, with Volunteers on hand.  The earlier in the season that you visit, the smaller and more easily handled are the monkeys.  As the time goes on towards July, they are bigger, their play is more boisterous and they are much heavier as they land on your shoulders – or your head!  You are also more likely to get a little nip or scratch – all part of Vervet play!

You are invited to remove all your jewellery and glasses, bring a change of clothes (you can get quite grubby!) and take the plunge!  See for yourself how the Vervets can undo laces, get into your pockets and steal your hankie, pull open velcro flaps on clothing and shoes, sit on your head, investigate your hair, go down the inside of your T shirt and more!!  Great photo opportunities but hang onto your camera! Vervets LOVE to take selfies! If you really need your glasses, bring an old pair that you don’t mind losing!

A Kindergarten visit is included in a chalet stay, should you wish to do so.  For day visitors, we would ask that you buy monkey product donations in our shop, instead of paying a fee.