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How You Can Help



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Spread the Positive Word About Vervet Monkeys and Our Environment!


Tell your family and friends about why Vervets are so important to our environment and that they must be protected – try to get family, friends and neighbours who live close enough to Bambelela to go on a day visit to us to learn about the Vervets first hand – it really helps when they take our tour and hear about our work.

   ‘Like’ our Facebook page, share our Posts and write us a good review on Tripadvisor!


This will help us become more widely known and gain more support for our work, perhaps finding us new Guardian Angels and encouraging more people to take a day tour or come and stay in one of our chalets at Bambelela.


Take Part in Our Facebook Raffles, Draws and Other Fundraisers!


We regularly run a variety of fundraisers through our Facebook page – for example, around April we run the beauty /hunk pageant for this year’s male and female baby Vervets and anyone can vote for their favourite baby by donating the appropriate amount.  These fundraisers are good fun but are also vital to enable us to continue our work with the animals.


Support Junkie’s Charity Shop in Melville, Johannesburg

You can donate your unwanted stuff to Junkie’s, ask them to sell it on your behalf and they will then pay over the proceeds to Bambelela!

We are indebted to them for their support



Come and Stay in One of Our Lovely Chalets

Even a short stay helps to support us financially – and a weekend, 3 night or week long stay is even better! See our ‘Self Catering Chalets’ page for full details. Come and experience Bambelela for yourself, perhaps as part of a trip to South Africa?  A suggested holiday which is tried and tested by some of our international supporters is to fly into Johannesburg, hire a car and drive west to stay at The Bush House in Madikwe Game Reserve for 4 nights, and then drive across to Bambelela for a further 3 or 4 night stay, flying home from Johannesburg.  Ask us for details and we can send you an itinerary for you to see.


Donate or Discount Building/Fencing Materials/Sailcloth/Paint/Brushes etc.

If you are a business involved in any of these trades, please consider helping us to build new accommodation for the monkeys by donating items or even by giving us a discount off our purchases – it would help us so much! We also regularly need to repair our enclosures, put up new roofing, add sailcloths for shade and for hammocks, paint enrichment items for the monkeys and so on. If you have something you’d like to donate, please email us on silke@belanet.co.za to see if it is suitable. We really appreciate the support of businesses.

Donate Useful Items to Us, such as Vitamins, Toys, Soft Blankets, Nappies, Feeding Bottles, Teats

The gifts we receive are so welcomed by us and by the monkeys! The best vitamins need to be ones produced for children such as ‘Gummy Vites’ or the ‘Haliborange Fruit Softies’ range: Toys should be robust and not have any sharp corners or loose small parts – think about what you would give to a toddler. Soft toys and balls are also great. Monkeys love bright and colourful things and also things that make a noise! Nappies need to be Size O at the biggest and premature nappies are really needed as Vervet babies are very small! Same applies to feeding bottle and teats!
Donate an Item Which We Could Raffle off or Auction or Sell in our Shop

For example, we have been given beautiful paintings and drawings which we were able to use to auction to the highest bidder. A great fund raiser!Any desirable item would be wonderful – items are often related to Vervets, Baboons or wild animals in general but really can be anything which people will buy a raffle ticket to win, bid for in auction or buy from our shop as a souvenir of their visit.

Donate us Medical Supplies for the Monkeys

We have a list of medical supplies, any of which we would be most grateful to receive.For example, we use dressings, Wound Magic, Tetanus Vaccinations and lots more, to help our monkeys to grow to adulthood and be fit and healthy when they are released back into the wild.


 food Donate Food to Us for the Monkeys
If you are a food business or a farmer, please consider donating to us any over-production you may have or any food that you would be throwing out, such as bread, fruit and vegetables – our food costs are very high. We thank most sincerely those businesses who already support us in this way – such as local orange farmers and local supermarkets. It makes such a difference to us!
 cam Gift Us a Trail Camera – or the Money to Buy One!
Trail cameras are invaluable to us in our release work. We can set up a camera at a release site and it takes pictures for us to show us how the monkeys are doing and what other wildlife is around the area. We have very successfully used the model shown and it saves us having to make so many trips to the site.