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What We Do

Bambelela rescues, rehabilitates and releases members of three of our five South African Primate families;

  • The Lesser Bush Baby
  • Chacma Baboon
  • Vervet Monkey

Silke and her incredible team of staff and volunteers concentrate mainly on Vervet monkey rehabilitation, taking in injured and orphaned monkeys, forming troops and finding monkey-friendly game farms to release a rehabilitated troop. To date they have successfully given 15 troops (over 300 monkeys), a second chance to live free again. As a persecuted species, these monkeys had lost their freedom due to habitat destruction, illegal shootings by farmers, snares, electrocutions, pet or Muti trade (Muti is the term for traditional medicine in Southern Africa).

The next generation needs to get involved in Nature Conservation through education, understanding where, why and when the problem began. They need to find better solutions than killing. People need to learn about primates’ social behaviour patterns in order to gain an understanding of these magnificent creatures and thus find solutions that benefit man AND MONKEY.

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